From the supply of control devices for high-precision production equipment to the optimization of the entire production system, we assist in solving equipment-related problems on production sites.

We help to create value in the electric and electronics industry not merely by providing products, but also by solving diverse problems through the provision of services such as optimization diagnosis for control systems, which can be done before manufacturing equipment problems begin. Other solutions provide support for onsite control adjustment, in addition to more advanced solutions such as control links between devices, which are nowadays in great demand, as well as control that optimizes energy efficiency, and support for better visualization of control systems through instrumentation networks.

Benderang assists in achieving reliable manufacturing by supplying a variety of sensors for object presence/absence detection, position detection, and level detection. Benderang helps in the creation of high-precision manufacturing facilities by providing temperature, flow, and pressure measurement, control by means of advanced controllers, adjustment of power conditioners and valves with actuators, and by providing comprehensive and coherent instrumentation.